Red Robin

8245 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I like to come to Red Robin around my birthday time because I get a FREE BURGER! In addition, this free burger can be customized any way you want it. This time, I ordered a Red Robin Gourmet Monster Bacon Cheeseburger (the monster comes from an additional beef patty). I also ordered a side order of onion rings and a freckled lemonade.

If you have ever tried variants of the strawberry lemonade, you will need to make sure you try this freckled lemonade. The lemonade is not too sour, and there is a ton of chunks of strawberry pieces mixed in. This is by far the best strawberry lemonade ever! The onion rings were really good and came with two dips.

The burger was delicious! I asked for mine to be cooked with pink inside to make it more juicy. The burger looks small in the pictures, but it is humongous in your hands. The burger was stacked neatly and had just the right amount of condiments. I would definitely order this burger again, but I may want to try their other burgers and dishes as well.

If I had to choose a burger joint to eat at, I would definitely choose Red Robin. I would also suggest signing up for their Red Robin club because you get a free burger every year around your birthday. Also, after you bur 9 burgers, you get the 10th free! If you haven’t tried Red Robin yet, you should definitely go try it now!


  1. like right now?

  2. Yes. Maybe.

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