Burgers and Brew – Part 2

1409 R St

Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★★ 

On this follow-up visit to Burger’s and Brew, I decided to try something really different. I ordered the real Buffalo Burger with curly fries. Lunch service is different from dinner service because you need to go up to the register to order your food first to be delivered to you instead of having a server come take your order during dinner service. Even though you have to order up front, service was actually pretty good. Since I did not order a drink, I was able to help myself to a variety of flavored water near the bar as well as have a pitcher of water at the table. I opted for the orange flavored water.

The food was delivered to the table after some time. The burger looked delicious and the fries were fresh. The burger was minimally dressed, so I had to add some ketchup and mustard. The burger tasted very fresh and was cooked to medium like I requested. The buffalo meat was definitely leaner and tasted more gamey. Other than that, it’s hard to tell the difference between the buffalo and beef. The bun was fresh and toasted. The fries tasted really good and went well with the burger.

Overall, Burgers and Brew continues to serve up delicious burgers at good prices. I strongly suggest visiting if you haven’t already because you’re missing out. Go now!

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