India Plate – West Sacramento

3025 W Capitol Ave
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Today, we decided to try some place new, so we ventured to West Sacramento to try India Plate’s $8.99 weekend Lunch Buffet. It was pretty hard to locate this restaurant in the middle of a recessed strip mall. Upon entering the restaurant, we only found one other customer in a huge restaurant with high ceilings. The food was located in buffet trays in the rear of the restaurant. The typical Indian dishes were there, but there was not too much to choose from. When we were checking out the food, the other customer mentioned about how good the food was. With his suggestion, we decided to try out the buffet.

We tried out many of the meat dishes including the Tandori Chicken, Curry Chicken, Masala Chicken, Lamb Curry, Naan, Vegetable Rice, and sweet dessert balls. All of the food tasted great. The temperature of the food was just about right. The Tandori Chicken had a spiced flavor and was cooked well but was still juicy. The Curry Chicken was my favorite chicken dish because it came with just the right amount of curry spice and went well with the rice and naan. The Masala Chicken was pretty good too, but the Curry Chicken tasted better. The Lamb Curry was good, but there were a lot of bony parts. The meat tasted gamey but went well with the curry. The naan was good, but there was not much at all in the tray. The naan never got refilled either. The vegetable rice tasted good and had a variety of fresh vegetables inside. The sweet dessert tasted great and were soaked with a sweet condensed milk flavor. The dessert was a good ending to all of the meat eaten.

Overall, India Plate serves up a variety of buffet dishes at a good price. I strongly recommend all of the meat dishes. I did not really try the vegetarian dishes at all because I wanted to focus on the meat. The location and ambience sucks, but the food and service was great. If you are craving an Indian buffet, India Plate will fill the need

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