California Kabob Restaurant

9677 Folsom Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95827

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located in an eclectic strip mall in Rancho Cordova, California Kabob serves up various Mediterranean dishes from a simple menu with different meat combinations. As you enter the restaurant, you can review the menu and order at the counter to your left. The restaurant has a strong indescribable aroma inside, so I went outside after ordering and opted for outdoor seating.

Today, I decided to order the chicken, beef, and lamb combo. The meal came with two pieces of chicken, two pieces of lamb, and a long piece of beef sausage. The chicken was a bit dry, but was seasoned well. The lamb was quite tough and tasted a bit burnt. The beef was tender and flavorful, but was a bit salty. There was almost enough rice to go with all the meat, but the accompanying salad was not very appetizing. The salad dressing was very tart and not appetizing. There were even pieces of lemon rind, which was a bit odd.

Overall, California Kabob serves up a variety of different meals, but I was not impressed with the taste of the food and the meal seemed overpriced at $14 for limited pieces of meat. You can probably get better quality rice plates at other kabob restaurants. If you are in the area and want to eat kabob, then California Kabob will do the job, but you may want to look elsewhere.

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