Pegasus Bakery & Cafe

6825 Stockton Blvd #265

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the same plaza as Asian Pearl Restaurant, Pegasus Bakery & Cafe serves up various self-serve bakery items along with crepes and cakes. Having been drawn in to the store after seeing the sign for hot egg tarts, we decided to take a look at what was available. Other than the egg tarts, we decided to try out one of their dessert crepes with banana and vanilla ice cream. The bananas were sweet and went well with the delicious vanilla ice cream. The crepe was a great vessel for the ice cream and bananas, but I wish the crepe was crispier because it got quite soggy. There were two types of egg tarts available, regular and puff pastry. I decided to order some of both to give them a try. The regular version consisted of a thin cake crust, but the crust did not hold up well and broke apart easily. The custard filling was lightly sweetened and not dense at all. The custard held up well and did not become watery. The puff pastry version was much better because the crust was thick and did not fall apart like the regular version. Unfortunately, I did not get to try the egg tarts fresh, so I will need to return to enjoy them while they are warm. Overall, Pegasus offers a variety of bakery and cafe items at reasonable prices and is worth a try if you wanted something other than a traditional bakery.

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