CF Cheng

2063 Arena Blvd
Ste 140
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When it comes to authentic Chinese food in Natomas, I can only think of CF Cheng. Unlike more Americanized restaurants, CF Cheng really delivers in the presentation, availability, and taste of authentic Chinese food. CF Cheng is located in a fairly busy plaza, filled with a variety of other restaurants. Interestingly enough, CF Cheng does very well in keeping its business packed. Smaller than your average Chinese restaurant, CF Cheng was so busy today that they had to turn away customers. Luckily, my seats were secured before the crowds came. When looking for Chinese food in Natomas, I always go to CF Cheng because of the good food and good service. Unfortunately, due to the busy time of the restaurant, the service did take a little ding, and thus the 0.5 star deduction.

Today’s meal consisted of Peking Pork, Yangzhou Fried Rice, and Singapore Rice Noodle. A combination of these three dishes tend to be my base marker for comparing Chinese restaurants. All three dishes tasted better than the dishes at Oriental Restaurant. The food came out at an acceptable pace, and we were able to sip on water and watch TV as the food was being prepared. CF Cheng is known for their energetic owner  who tends to help wait tables and take orders. In addition, if you were looking for an authentic Chinese dish that was not on the menu, feel free to ask him for it and usually he will be able to accommodate the order.

Overall, CF Cheng always gets my first choice for Chinese food in the Natomas area. The restaurant’s food really stacks up against the best Chinese restaurants in Sacramento. The only downside of the restaurant is its small size. If one day CF Cheng expands or moves to a bigger location in Natomas, I am sure they will be even better. Therefore, especially for those who live or work in Natomas, I strongly suggest you try out CF Cheng if you haven’t done so already. Happy eating!

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