CJ House Korean BBQ – Milpitas, CA

260 S Abel St

Milpitas, CA 95035

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located near the Great Mall off of South Abel Street, CJ House Korean BBQ serves up both all you can eat BBQ and regular Korean cuisine. For just $22.99 per person on the weekend, CJ House attempts to compete with Gen Korean BBQ for a few dollars less. When we entered the restaurant, there were only two other tables with customers in a mostly empty restaurant. The hostess was fairly courteous in getting us seated. The server who subsequently served us did not seem like she wanted to be there. We had to look for her when we were ready to order.

We opted for the all you can eat meal instead of per dish today because we were quite famished. There were around fifteen items to choose from, with only around seven to eight meat choices. Today, we decided to order the beef brisket, miso pork belly, rib eye, beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, beef short rib, and grilled corn. After ordering, we did receive a small array of side dishes, which tasted OK, but were not amazing. The grilled corn tasted good at first, but the excessive mayonnaise was a little much. We started grilling the meat and realized that we were not provided with any dipping sauce, so we had to ask the server who apologized for forgetting to bring the sauces. The beef brisket came rolled and frozen but cooked quickly and tasted delicious. The miso pork belly tasted OK, but was not that flavorful. The meat was also leaner than expected. The rib eye steak was tender and fresh. The beef bulgogi felt like it needed more marinade because you don’t taste the sauce much. On the other hand, the spicy pork bulgogi had a strong alcohol-like taste to the sauce and was overly-sauced. The beef short rib meat was tender, but there was excessive fat.

Overall, CJ House Korean BBQ serves up decent tasting Korean BBQ, but some of the meats were lacking in flavor. The quality and taste of the food does not live up to what you would receive at Gen. I did like how the server provided extremely large quantities of meat in each order. However, due to the large portions, we were only able to order one refill before getting full. Service was mediocre and does not even come close to the excellent service we received at Gen. CJ House is great for those unwilling to wait 1-3 hours for Gen on the weekend, but if possible, I would suggest just going to Gen for the larger selection and better service for only a few dollars more per person.

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