Cellar Bistro

1115 Front St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in quite the unexpected location with the most peculiar name, Cellar Bistro serves up a variety of Chinese cuisine, mostly Hong Kong cafe style. You can park in the available street parking or at the garage near the Tower bridge. The restaurant will validate parking from the garage unless the garage is pre-paying for parking. When you get to the Cellar Bistro, you actually need to take the stairs down to get to the restaurant. Once we got to the restaurant, we were quickly seated by the server and provided menus. After much debate and review of the menu, we decided on what to order.

Today, we decided to order the Malaysian Roti, katsu pork with fries and rice, and the egg flower prawns chow fun. The katsu pork was part of the chef’s recommendations menu, so it also included a free drink. The Malaysian Roti was more of a green onion pancake with sweet curry sauce. The pancakes were delicious and the curry was sweet and flavorful, which went well together. The katsu pork was fried perfectly and was crispy all over. The same curry sauce went well with the pork as well. The fries were fresh and rice cooked properly. The egg flower prawns chow fun tasted delicious. I was not used the chow fun being cooked more with soy sauce prior to the egg flower and prawns, but it did add some savory flavor. The prawns were huge and fresh. The egg flower added a delicious texture to the entire dish.

Overall Cellar Bistro serves up some delicious food at excellent prices considering the location. There were quite of few items on the menu that we still want to try, but that will need to wait for a future visit. From the experience and food from this visit alone, I can definitely recommend Cellar Bistro to anyone looking for Chinese food near Old Sacramento.

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