Mo Ran Gak – Garden Grove, CA

9651 Garden Grove Blvd

Garden Grove, CA 92844

Rating: ★★★★½ 

On our last day in So-Cal, we decided that we had to eat some Korean food in Garden Grove, so we stumbled upon Mo Ran Gak. Minimal parking is available adjacent to the restaurant, but there seemed to be plenty of street parking. After entering the restaurant, a server quickly seated us and provided menus. While reviewing the menu, another employee provided us with a water bottle with cups along with a kettle full of beef broth and two cups for broth. The broth tasted delicious and full of body.

After drinking some broth, we decided to order the Mo Ran Gak combination A with black angus brisket, black pork belly, tofu soup, and steamed egg. In addition to the combo, we also ordered a small regular cold noodle and a small spicy cold noodle. A few side dishes and salad were brought next along with a small dish of mung bean pancakes. The pancakes were nice and crispy and went well with the provided sauce. Unlike other Korean BBQ restaurants, the servers here actually cook the meat for you. Unfortunately, they did not provide any direction for this, and we had to figure that out on our own. While the meat was cooking, other servers dropped off the cold noodles for us. The spicy cold noodle tasted good and fresh. The regular cold noodle was just as tasty and had a very refreshing taste. For just $4.95 for each cold noodle, the added food was well worth it. The tofu soup tasted good and was mildly spicy. The steamed egg almost overflowed from its vessel and was extremely fluffy. The brisket was leaner than some other places, but actually more flavorful and tender. The black pork belly tasted delicious with its marinade and was cooked perfectly. Drinking the beef broth while enjoying the meal made the entire meal that much more satisfying.

Overall, Mo Ran Gak serves up some delicious Korean dishes at very reasonable prices considering the amount of service and food we received. We did over order by one or two cold noodles, but they were worth trying out. If you happen to be near Garden Grove and was looking for some delicious Korean food, definitely give Mo Ran Gak a try.

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