Dim Sum House

2631 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located on Broadway, Dim Sum House serves up common dim sum dishes in bulk as well as cook up various dishes in a full menu. As you walk into the shop, steamer tables and display cases hold all of the dim sum. A fresh tray of sui mai was just finished when we arrived.

Today, we decided to try the har gow, siu mai, pot stickers, BBQ pork buns, and fried pork turnover. The har gow tasted really fresh, but did include bamboo shoots. I would much prefer the bamboo shoots be omitted. There was an adequate amount of shrimp inside. The siu mai looked very big, but also consisted of water chestnuts in addition to the usual pork and mushrooms. The water chestnuts added an odd flavor and texture to the dumpling that made it a lot less appetizing. There were tons of water chestnuts in the dumpling, which was quite disappointing. The pot stickers looked huge, but when you bite into them, you find lots of cabbage mixed with the pork and a very strong ginger taste. Even with soy sauce, the pot sticker was not appetizing. The BBQ pork buns did not have a lot of meat filling, but tasted OK. The fried pork turnover had a thinner shell than at dim sum restaurants, but was quite hard. The filling had more mushrooms than meat.

Overall, Dim Sum House was quite disappointing. The food was just not there for the most part. Service and pricing are both good, and the other items on the menu are extremely affordable. If you are looking for dim sum and don’t want to go to a dim sum restaurant, you may be better off going to 99 ranch.

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