Il Fornaio

400 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

On this visit to Il Fornaio, I had the opportunity to try some of their pizzas during happy hour. Il Fornaio’s happy hour runs from 4 PM to 6 PM Monday through Friday where various drinks and food items are marked down. Of the food items, there are three appetizers priced at $6 and three pizzas priced at $6. The pizzas are a great deal at $6 since they normally cost $16-$18. Seating is available at the bar, lounge, and patio.

Today, I was able to try a slice of the Margherita and Capricciosa pizzas. Both slices of pizza came on a fresh thin crust. The Margherita had a delicious layer of fresh cheese over lightly-sauced dough. You can taste the fresh basil and oregano in each bite. The Capricciosa had ample amounts of ham, artichokes, kalamata olives, and mushrooms. The ham was flavorful and each bite of the pizza was delicious. The cheese was really the highlight of both pizzas because you can taste how fresh the mozzarella was.

Overall, Il Fornaio serves up some delicious authentic Italian pizza at great prices for happy hour. Without the happy hour pricing, I probably would have not come. Service was decent since my drink was missed at first, but was later provided to me. Although today’s visit was only for happy hour, Il Fornaio left a good impression and would warrant another visit for lunch or dinner.

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