Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant

2300 Northgate Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95833

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

On this trip for lunch, my team ended up at Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant in south Natomas. The restaurant offers a choice of the lunch buffet for $6.75 or ordering off the standard menu. We were immediately greeted upon entry by the smiling staff. There are some TVs around to keep you busy as well. The servers quickly took drink orders and continued to monitor drink levels for refills. They charge $1.50 for soda.

Upon review of the small buffet counter, I noticed that all of the food looked extremely fresh and I saw that new food was being produced as the trays were emptied. Some items in the trays included a basic salad, a fruit tray, 2 different types of soup, egg rolls, pot stickers, fried wontons, fried fish filet, broccoli beef, kung pao chicken, chicken chow mein, BBQ pork fried rice, chicken with beans, BBQ pork bun, and orange chicken. For $6.75, that was a excellent selection for the price. Upon trying the food, my visual expectations of the food were correct about the food being hot and fresh. Most of the dishes were a bit greasy, but tasted pretty good. One reason the food tasted good could be because of the possibly large amount of MSG in the food because I became constantly thirsty. It was a good thing the servers kept filling up the drinks.

Overall, Dragon Palace serves up a Chinese buffet with a great value in a clean location. If you are in the area and want some good Chinese food that is ready to eat, head over to Dragon Palace instead of Panda Express during lunch. The prices are great and the service is excellent. I would come back here if I could come during lunch.

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