John’s Incredible Pizza Co – Roseville

384 N Sunrise Ave
Roseville, CA 95661

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

In an attempt to try something completely different, we ended up at John’s Incredible Pizza Co in Roseville. With Groupon in hand, we were able to save some money on admission/buffet costs. Other than forcing you to buy food, John’s Incredible is like a Chuck E Cheeses on steroids. After paying, you can find seating in one of many eating rooms. Just outside the rooms, there are soda and Icee machines, buffet tables filled with pizza, some pasta, desserts, and various salads. As you go past the food and dining areas, you will find the arcade and some indoor carnival rides. You use a reloadable card to pay for arcade machines and rides. There were a ton of kids around during the weekend, so expect it to be crowded.

In terms of food, there was a fairly vast selection of pizzas available. There are even additional types of pizza available upon special request. Unfortunately, on the first refill trip, we found hair in one of the pizzas. Of all the pizza I ate, the pepperoni pizza tasted good and the sausage pizza tasted good. When I say good, I really mean acceptable since Little Caesar’s tastes a whole lot better in terms of sauce and crust. Since many people were grabbing pizza, the pizza tended to be fresh and continuously made. Other than pizza, there is not much other food. There some sad excuse of pasta available including marinara with spaghetti. I avoided the salad bar with all the kids running around. The desert area was worse than Hometown Buffet in terms of quality, and it was a bit messy.

Overall, you will find decent pizza with a kid-friendly environment at John’s Incredible Pizza Co. Don’t expect amazing food here, but it is edible. You will like bringing kids here who want more than Chuck E Cheeses but without the adult atmosphere of Dave and Busters. They do offer a VIP club that may save you money in the future if you come here often. The arcade seems to be in OK condition, but one of the DDR pads seemed to be a bit off. If you want a balance of food and fun for kids, then you have found the right place.

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