Earl of Sandwich – Las Vegas – Part 2

Inside Miracle Mile Shops @ Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Another late night with few options to dine. With no other options in mind, we quickly head to Earl of Sandwich. This trip to the restaurant was no different from the previous trip to the restaurant.

This time we ordered the Cannonball and The Full Montagu. The Cannonball is basically a cheesy meatball sandwich served on Earl of Sandwich’s signature bread. This definitely tastes better than any other meatball sandwich I have ever had (yes that includes subway). The Full Montagu was even more amazing! Roast beef, turkey, lettuce, cheese, and their special mustard spread were included in the sandwich. The roast beef melts in your mouth and the sandwich as a whole is delicious. In addition to the sandwiches, we also ordered a Brownie Cream, which was a brownie cut in half with cream in between. It was quite sweet, and didn’t really go well with soda and sandwiches. Next time, we will just stick to sandwiches and soda.

Again, Earl of Sandwich does not disappoint! This location is quick and produces delicious sandwiches. I anticipate multiple visits to Earl of Sandwich on every trip to Las Vegas.


    • Tina Tran on July 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM
    • Reply

    Best sandwich EVER!

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