Pho Xe Lua

5331 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95820

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Stockton boulevard is home to many Pho restaurants. Pho Xe Lua happens to be the 3rd Pho restaurant I am reviewing. Previous reviews from Saigon and Tau Bay are hard to beat when it comes to taste.

On this trip, I ordered a Pho Tai and a strawberry shake. I also got to try the Charbroiled Pork over Vermicelli noodle as well. The pho arrived with most of the meat already cooked through. The meat was not cooked thin enough to my liking. The broth lacked any flavor, and did not seem clear. I had to add hoisin sauce for additional flavor. The strawberry shake tasted great, and was served in a to-go cup. The Charbroiled Pork over Vermicelli was really good, and I liked how they did not put too much mint in the dish.

Overall, I still feel like there are better Pho choices in Sacramento, and for that matter, across the street at Saigon. I have heard that the Chinese dishes at Pho Xe Lua are not bad though, so if you are looking for Pho, but some others in your party want good Chinese food, then Pho Xe Lua might be a good choice. I would need to taste some of the Chinese dishes to be for sure. If you are looking for decent Pho, Pho Xe Lue has it.


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  1. Jeff I love this place… Been going since they open… I hate all the other ones…

  1. […] your party does not want to go to Pho Saigon, you end up going to Pho Xe Lua. As mentioned in my previous review, I do find the broth at Saigon more flavorful. Today’s visit was not much different than the […]

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