Saigon Restaurant

5304 Stockton Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95820

Rating: ★★★★½ 

A plethora of pho restaurants exist in Sacramento. After going to quite a few of them, I found my favorite. Saigon Restaurant on Stockton Blvd is not be be confused with Saigon Bay on Stockton Blvd. You will be quite disappointed if you end up at the latter restaurant.

Pho Saigon offers up a variety of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Since this is a pho restaurant, I ordered some Pho Tai, which is pho noodle with raw beef. I prefer this beef noodle because thinly slicked raw beef because the meat cooks in the steaming hot broth at the table. Also, I am not really a fan of the tendons, flank, fat, etc. I decided to order a medium, when I should of really ordered a large. In comparison to other pho restaurants, Saigon offers a generous portion sizes. If you ordered a large, you will get a large. If you order an extra large, your bowl will be extra large. I would say that the large size at Saigon would compare to the extra large at Pho Hoa Viet.

In terms of taste, Pho Saigon has a very tasty broth. The noodles and meat absorb generous amounts of the tasty broth. I didn’t order any this time, but a side of egg rolls here would have been a very tasty addition. I also ordered a strawberry shake as well, which tasted delicious. This strawberry shake tasted much better than the one I ordered at Yummy Juice Cafe, and marginally better than Hoa Viet.

Overall, Saigon offers very good pho at great prices. The location may not be the best, but good food is worth it. Also, late closing times allows for some late night supper. Saigon continues to be my pho restaurant of choice in Sacramento, but that does not mean that it can top the pho restaurants of San Jose like Pho Nam. If you haven’t tried Pho Saigon before, you should definitely go!

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