Arigato Sushi

1608 Howe Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Arigato Sushi is most known for their “50% off sushi rolls” promotion. Whether or not this promotion will ever end is up for discussion since the promotion has been ongoing for years. With that being said, the price per roll of sushi is around $6-$16 on the menu. They also have various meat dishes and bento boxes. Generally, I come to Arigato’s to order sushi, and lots of it (sometimes too much).
Every time I go, I need to order the Howe and the Lion King. Those two rolls are my absolute favorites there. On this trip, I ordered (on the pictures from left to right): Lion King, Red Dragon, Lucky 7, Howe, and California Roll. Every time I go, I usually order one or two rolls I never tried before in addition to the Howe and Lion King. In this visit, the Red Dragon and Lucky 7 awaited the trial run. Unfortunately, I figured out that was not really a fan of spicy tuna, which is present in both of these rolls. A failed attempt, but that did not harm my opinion about Arigato’s.
As an interesting note about their sushi, I have found that a lot of the rolls come with a peachy colored “special sauce” on top of them. The sauce itself is actually really tasty, and so I usually ask for a platter of special sauce to use a dipping sauce in lieu of soy sauce wasabi. Drenching sushi rolls in special sauce may sound weird, but it’s actually really good!
Overall, Arigato Sushi provides a variety of delectable rolls at a really good price. If you prefer something of higher caliber or of better quality, you are better off going to Mikuni’s, but if you are looking for good cheap sushi in a college restaurant atmosphere, then Arigaro’s is the place to be. If you are a person who really wants a lot of cheap sushi, you might just end up at a sushi buffet instead like Fuji’s or Mizu. For most people looking for the occasional sushi run, unwilling to spend over $13 for a roll, Arigato fits the bill. Also, Arigato’s recently expanded so hopefully the busy times won’t require a long wait anymore.


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