3636 North Freeway Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Mizu was another rare opportunity to review a buffet. In comparison to my review on Fuji Sushi Buffet, Mizu has their own advantages. Unfortunately, Mizu does not have a sushi boat system, but they do have a plethora of sushi rolls, pre-cut, on many dishes ready for pick up. Unlike Fuji, people do not make special orders here. However, with the variety of sushi rolls and sashimi available, the lack of a special order does not really hurt Mizu. As for the sushi itself, taste is pretty good, to a point where I say the taste is better than Fuji. Visuals of the sushi are generally appealing too. Other than being more pricy than Fuji, Mizu does not only supply a greater variety of sushi, but also Mizu has a whole lot more Chinese food as well. Dishes ranging from fried rice, fried fish, teriyaki chicken, and smoked salmon exist down the buffet line. In addition, noodle soups can be made to order from the noodle bar. To end the meal, real ice cream finishes off a great buffet visit.

Overall, I would prefer Mizu over Fuji any day. If I was in the mood for delicious sushi, I would still opt to go to Arigato’s, but if I wanted a little sushi while still eating a bunch of Chinese food, I would end up at Mizu. Also, having a 10% off coupon + free drink helps push me to eat at Mizu.

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