Pho Tau Bay

6830 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Recommended by my coworker Jua, I decided to go and try this place out. Found across the street from A&A Supermarket on Stockton Boulevard, Pho Tau Bay serves Vietnamese pho noodles. This restaurant was formerly known as Pho Anh Do. When I say they serve pho noodles, I seriously mean they ONLY serve pho noodles. A two-page menu shows options for both chicken pho noodles and beef pho noodles in medium and large sizes. Signs posted in the restaurant show that after March 11th, beef pho noodles will only be available on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Chicken pho noodles will still be available everyday. I also found it interesting that this restaurant closes at 4:30PM, or when they run out of broth as Jua had pointed out. In addition to noodle soup, the back page of the menu lists drink options. I find that this restaurant is fairly interesting in the fact that it is so limiting. With that said, service was pretty good, but the restaurant seemed to have old tables and a bunch of broken windows that are boarded up.

Other than the restaurant itself, the actual beef noodle soup was surprisingly delicious. The entire 3 points of my rating came from the food, with the remaining 2 points missing due to lack of menu/appetizer options and restaurant maintenance issues. With that said, the soup looked a little oily, but not surprisingly oily. The soup was one of the best tasting beef soup bases that I have ever tasted, in line with the pho restaurants in San Jose. Normally, I like to add hoisin sauce to my pho, but the soup was so good this time I neglected to do so. After eating my large Pho Tai (rare steak beef noodle soup), I even finished the soup as referenced in the picture above. If you are able to get to the restaurant before they close, then you are in for a treat when it comes to the pho.

Overall, I felt that the food was amazing; however, the lack of options and the state of the restaurant really detract from the food. The hours are also not really accessible like Saigon’s especially during the evening. But if you like pho, then I suggest coming to this place at least once. If you really want a put together dining experience, then you are better off going elsewhere.

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