East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant – Rosemead

8118A E Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When people say that a lot of competition lowers prices, they weren’t kidding! Due to LA’s abundance of dim sum restaurants, many dim sum restaurants offer lower prices and promotions to lure people in. East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant is no exception. This restaurant offers rock bottom prices during the weekdays (at $1.68 per dish I think), and still good prices on the weekends ($1.99 per dish I think). Either way, LA dim sum definitely beats Sacramento in terms of pricing. Even more amazing, if you think you will spend over $30 in dim sum dishes, you can order a lobster over noodles dish for only $5! Now, onto the food:

Today, I did not really choose many of the items ordered, but I did get to try some of my favorites. The siu mai was pretty big and came with a lot of meat. The siu mai tasted fresh and tasted really good. The egg custard was also fresh and had a signature flakey crust. The long coconut bun was AMAZING! This particular bun happens to be the restaurant’s specialty. The bun was super fresh, super hot, and super flavorful! As you break open the bun, steam pours out. The har gow was bigger than the har gow in Sacramento and had more shrimp. You can definitely taste the flavor of the shrimp, and they have a bit of bamboo shoots inside. I also tried the steamed BBQ pork buns, which consisted of a lot of lean pork and had a lot of great flavors. The bun was still steaming hot, and was not overly salty. I also tried the BBQ pork cheung fun, but I did not like how it had cilantro and green onions inside, albeit, it still tasted really good. I tried the noodles from the lobster dish, and they tasted fresh and flavorful.

Overall, I definitely suggesting coming to East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant for dim sum. The prices are amazing, and carts keep coming around regularly. If you are in LA, you must come here at least once. Knowing how good it is, you might come multiple times until you get tired of dim sum.

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