NBC Seafood Restaurant – Monterey Park

404 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

NBC Seafood Restaurant serves up a variety of authentic Chinese dishes for dinner. This particular restaurant seems to be well known to LA natives. As you walk in, you can tell the place is pretty fancy with the décor, and the fact that all the workers are very dressed up.

Today, a variety of food was ordered by my relatives. First, the seafood soup tasted good, even though I only drank the liquid and did not partake in the other parts. The second dish was the pork and vegetable lettuce wrap. This dish had a savory flavor, but the vegetables did not taste fresh. The third dish was the honey walnut shrimp. I felt that NBC got the flavor right, but you can tell that there was a bit too much mayo in the sauce. Other than the sauce, the shrimp was cooked perfectly and the walnuts were crunchy. A bunch of other dishes came next in the form of clams, greens, and two different types of chicken. I did not eat the clams, greens, or the yellow chicken. I tried the soy sauce chicken, and the meat tasted dry, and the flavor was only OK. Next, the fried fish came out. The fish was a lot crispier than other varieties that I have tried. The fish was cooked well, but the sauce was overly salty. In the end, desert came in the form of red bean soup, but I did not partake in it.

Overall, NBC Seafood Restaurant serves up quality authentic Chinese food. Portion size were about right, but I would have liked slightly larger portions. If you are looking for authentic Chinese for dinner, head to NBC Seafood Restaurant.

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