Mandarin Noodle House – Monterey Park

701 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Rating: ★★★★½ 

You will be able to eat fresh handmade noodles at this establishment, although, it will cost a buck something extra. This location is known for a few things including their pot stickers and beef noodle soup.

Today, I tried a variety of different foods that I have never tried. First, the handmade pot stickers were very delicious. There was a lot of flavor and the casing is crispy. There is not as much filling compared to Ling Lings, but the filling that is there is delicious. The next thing that came out was the beef roll. This interesting dish has beef, greens, and green onions wrapped in a flour shell. I did not care too much for the vegetables, but the crust and meat tasted really good. The next items that came was the onion pancake. This is very crispy compared to a Korean pancake. This onion pancake had a lot of flavor, but was too oniony for me. I tasted the bean and meat dry noodles, and felt that it tasted really good and different. The highlight of the meal was the beef noodle soup. The broth was super flavorful, and the handmade noodles were delicious. All of the beef was tender and easy to eat. I did not need to add any other seasoning to the broth because it was pre-seasoned.

Overall, you must visit Mandarin Noodle House and try their Beef Noodle soup and pot stickers! Not only does the food taste good and fresh, but also having homemade noodles is really cool. By visiting this restaurant, you get to try Mandarin and Taiwanese cuisine.

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