1650 Fulton Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Having seen the Groupon available for Eggies for the longest time, I decided to finally give them a try. Today, we went to Eggies after the main breakfast rush closer to their closing time. We were quickly seated on the side of the restaurant near the restrooms. Upon looking around, I noticed that the restaurant is definitely aging and is quite old fashioned. Upon review of the menus, our server came by to take our orders.

Today, we ordered the Applejack Omelet with toast and hash browns, and the Ultimate Breakfast with chicken fried steak, hash browns, and french toast. The omelet plate was not screaming out delicious by the looks of it, but the omelet did taste good, and you can really taste the apple flavor in the apple sausage. The omelet tasted fresh and had plenty of toppings. The ultimate breakfast was a huge portion of food with a deliciously breaded chicken fried steak with a bowl of country gravy. I ended up using the entire bowl of gravy for the steak, which went very well together. The hash browns from both dishes tasted freshly cut and crispy. The regular toast was basic, but the french toast tasted amazing with the provided butter and syrup.

Overall, Eggies serves up a variety of great tasting breakfast food with some Mexican items available as well. Portion sizes are definitely on the larger size, but so are the prices. With a Groupon, the prices do not seem as bad. Flavor-wise, the highlights were the chicken fried steak and apple sausage. The rest of the meal tasted fairly normal of every breakfast restaurant. If you wanted to try some classic breakfast food with decent prices, then head to Eggies with a Groupon in hand (if available).

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