Iron Grill

2422 13th St

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Having seen the Living Social deal for Iron grill for a while now, I decided to bite the bullet to give them a try. This evening, we entered a fairly busy restaurant, but there was seating available upon arrival.The hostess quickly seated us at a booth with menus and soon a waiter arrived for our drink orders. Modern rugged decor lined the ceiling and walls.

Today, we decided to order the Battle Burger, Iron Burger, and the Braised Pork. After ordering, we were provided with two pieces of delicious warm fluffy bread that had a slight sweetness to each bite and went well with the provided butter. The Battle Burger came on a clean plate stacked up tall with the pork belly, cheddar, greens, and beef. The sheer height of the burger made eating a challenge. After a few bites, we noticed that the bun became very soggy and fell apart. The sogginess meant both a good and bad thing because the beef and pork belly were extremely juicy and tasty, but eating the burger became challenging and messy. The Iron Burger was equally as juicy, but the bun did not fall apart as easily since it was not as big. Both burgers tasted fresh and delicious. The french fries were delicious and not too crispy. The side spring salad tasted OK, but some leaves seemed like they were already turning. The braised pork came out craftily on top of some delicious jalapeno polenta. I wished the pork had more crispiness, but did taste good with the lime creme. You can taste the jalapeno in the polenta, but it was not too spicy at all. When taken in one bite, the combination of the flavors definitely works together into a cohesive delicious dish.

Overall, Iron Grill served up some delicious tasting food with great service. Without the Living Social voucher, the prices seemed a little on the higher side of what I like to spend, but the food definitely tasted of quality. If you get an opportunity to come to Iron Grill, especially if a Living Social or Groupon offer is available, definitely give this place a try. You will need to try out the Battle Burger at least once!

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