El Super Taco

6200 Mack Rd
Ste B
Sacramento, CA 95857

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

There are tons of Mexican restaurants in the Sacramento area. El Super Taco serves up a variety of standard Mexican dishes. The location on Mack road is clean, friendly, and has plenty of parking.

Today, we ordered the Carnitas Torta and a ham breakfast burrito. The Carnitas (pork) Torta arrived sliced on a plate. The bread was toasty and had beans on the sides of the bread to preserve the crispiness. The highlight of the torta was the pork. The pork was seasoned well and had a bit of crispiness. The torta as a whole tasted really good with the pork, beans, and vegetables. The breakfast burrito arrived piping hot. The filling included potatoes, cheese, ham, and eggs. I ordered mines sans beans. The eggs tasted delicious and the ham went will with the perfectly cooked potatoes. There wasn’t much flavor in the burrito as a whole, but it still tasted really good.

Overall, El Super Taco serves up some great Mexican Food. You can expect to have your order delivered fresh to your table. If you are looking for good Mexican food in South Sacramento, head to El Super Taco.

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