Tai Kee Won Ton – San Jose

375 Saratoga Ave
Unit H – J
San Jose, CA 95129

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located down Saratoga Ave just south of Stevens Creek Blvd, Tai Kee Won Ton serves up a variety of Taiwanese dishes. There was plenty of room in the restaurant when we arrived on late Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere was not very welcoming, but not rude either. The menu choices are a bit limited, but stays true to Taiwanese cuisine.

Today, we ordered the Taiwanese wonton noodle soup, green onion pancake, and the stewed pork rice combination. Prices for all the dishes was acceptable, but I would say $1-2 overpriced. Compared to traditional Chinese wonton soup, the Taiwanese version has a lot more toppings including ground meat. The wontons themselves look and taste homemade since the wrapping is very soft and smooth. I just wished that there was more meat inside the wontons, although the bowl did come with a fair number of wontons. I was not a fan of the dried shrimp bits in my soup though. The green onion pancake was quite dense and lacked flavor. This pancake did not match up at all to the one I had tried in LA at Mandarin Noodle House. After eating a few pieces, I didn’t want to eat it at all. The stewed pork rice combination looked very appetizing especially with its own side of wonton soup. The broccoli was cooked well, not too hard and not too soft. The hard boiled egg was cooked right with a cooked filling. The rice had sauce from the stewed pork, which gave it flavor, but was quite oily especially when you get to the bottom. The stewed pork itself was very tender and had a good savory flavor, but there was a large amount of fat attached. I understand stewed pork has fat, but there was definitely more fat than meat, which was not as appetizing.

Overall, the meal was fulfilling, but disappointing too. Tai Kee Won Ton surely lives up to its name for their great tasting Won Ton, but they lacked on their side dish of green onion pancake and stewed pork. If I was given the opportunity to come back, I probably won’t because I’ll just wait for another trip down to so-Cal to get something better. Now, I can see why the restaurant was not seated to the brim and the staff just sits and wait. If you are looking for good Taiwanese wonton soup, then Tai Kee will serve its purpose, but I don’t suggest coming here for anything else.

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