Pine Tree House

9205-D Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95826

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Pine Tree House serves up a variety of Korean food inside a small shopping center along Folsom Blvd, Upon entering the restaurant, we were seated quickly into one of their booths. After careful examination of the menu, we were ready to order; however, the waitress did not show up for at least 5 minutes. You should not expect prompt service here, even when its half full. After ordering, do not expect the banchan (side dishes) to arrive after ordering. Pine Tree House likes to serves the banchan at the same time you receive your meal. The banchan tasted good, but I wished there would be more variety.

Today, we ordered the beef bulgogi, kimchi with pork soup, and pork bulgogi. The beef bulgogi arrived on a towering plate with clear noodle all around the dish. The beef was very tender, and the sauce flavorful. The sauce was a bit more liquid than other Korean restaurants. This was the first Korean restaurant that I have tried that included some clear noodle with the beef bulgogi. When the dish first arrived, I was dismayed at how the dish was so large, but upon finishing the dish, I realized the raised center portion of the plate made the dish seem bigger than it actually was. The kimchi with pork soup was flavorful and filled with tofu and vegetables, but there was only four pieces of side-pork in the soup. The soup went well with the banchan. The pork bulgogi was flavorful and spicy. I found this pork bulgogi spicier than most of the Korean restaurants in the area.

Overall, Pine Tree House does serve up good food, but the false sense of size for the beef bulgogi and the daunting slow service will prevent me from truly recommending this restaurant. The aroma and taste of the food was on point, but service was way off. If you already ate at all the other Korean restaurants in the Sacramento area, then come to Pine Tree House. Otherwise, just go eat somewhere else,

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