Koto Grille – Placerville

1 Red Hawk Pkwy

Placerville, CA 95667

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located on the bottom floor of Red Hawk Casino, Koto Grille serves up a variety of Mexican and American dishes. Although not 24 hours, Koto Grille does stay open pretty late, especially on weekends. Service was mediocre to good; settings were not provided until asked but the server was knowledgeable. Someone else brought chips and salsa to the table and pointed to the salsa bar in the back of the restaurant for refills.

Today, we ordered the chicken quesadilla, bacon cheeseburger, taco salad, half rack of ribs, and fried ice cream. The chicken quesadilla had good flavor, but was loaded with grease. I found myself using the sour cream to try to offset the grease. The bacon cheeseburger was juicy and came with a crisp bed of fries. The burger itself was pretty big, but needed some ketchup to make it taste better. I did not try the taco salad, but it did look nice in its shell. The ribs tasted sweet and flavorful, but was not really juicy. The meat did come off the bones clean, so the ribs must have been overcooked. The accompanying fries also tasted fresh just like with the burger. The fried ice cream looked very appealing, but tasted really greasy. The outside of the ice cream tasted like crispy grease, but the inside was tasty icy vanilla. The crispy piece next to the ice cream was OK, but hard.

Overall, Koto Grille serves up a variety of good tasting food, with some slip-ups. Given what restaurants are available at Red Hawk Casino, Koto Grille is still a suitable option. The Mexican-American restaurant will most likely have something you like to eat without having to indulge in the buffet. If you are tired of Red Hawk’s Waterfall Buffet, then go to Koto Grille across the hall.

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