Elk Grove Tofu House

8821 Sheldon Rd

Elk Grove, CA 95624

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located at the corner of Elk Grove Florin and Sheldon in Elk Grove, Elk Grove Tofu House serves up traditional Korean tofu dishes as well as some Korean BBQ dishes. When we entered the restaurant, there was only one other group in the restaurant in the late evening. The server was extremely nice and provided us with water after seating us at a table. The ambiance is very family friendly and the server was able to offer menu suggestions.

Today, we decided to order the spicy pork bulgogi, dol sot bibimbab, and kimchi soon tofu soup. The spicy pork bulgogi was extremely tender and sat on top a bed of cabbage instead of the usual onions. The marinate was very flavorful and had a little heat, but was not that spicy. There was not a lot of meat on the plate, which was disappointing for the price paid. The dol sot bibimbab was also a smaller than other restaurants but was presented well. When mixed with the red sauce, the complete dish tasted delicious and became one of the best bibimbap dishes I have ever tasted. The bowl continued to stay hot, which kept the entire dish both hot from heat and hot from spice. The kimchi soon tofu came in a small bubbling bowl and came extremely spicy, as we had ordered, but was harder to eat since it was extremely hot from heat. We had to wait until we finished most of the bibimbap before even trying the delicious spicy soup.

Overall, Elk Grove Tofu House serves up great tasting Korean food with great service. Prices are a bit higher than other Korean restaurants in Rancho Cordova and portion sizes are also much smaller. If you live in Elk Grove, you really don’t have any other options for Korean food except for OZ Korean BBQ, but Elk Grove Tofu House is much more traditional. If you love Korean food, then you should try out Elk Grove Tofu House.

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