Maggiano’s Little Italy

1689 Arden Way #1148

Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Having just opened months ago, we finally got a chance to try out Maggiano’s Little Italy right outside Arden Fair Mall. Upon arrival, we were able to choose between the lounge and dining room, so we decided to choose the dining room. After being seated and provided with menus, a server came by to introduce us to the restaurant and gave us a little history about the recipes used in the menu. After taking our drink orders, we were ready to order.

We decided to order Marco’s Meal, which consists of an appetizer or flatbread, two classic pastas, and a dessert. What’s nice is that this meal also comes with two additional classic pastas to take home with you in addition to any leftovers. We decided to order the chicken sausage flatbread, Taylor Street baked ziti, baked eggplant Parmesan, and tiramisu. The flatbread had a crisp delicious crust with fresh toppings including mozzarella and basil. Each bite was savory and delicious. The ziti did not look like it had a lot of sauce at first, but after eating through its layers, it had  the perfect balance of sauce, meat, pasta, and cheese. The sauce was very flavorful and the dish included an ample amount of Italian sausage. The baked eggplant was a bit interesting as the baked eggplant looked like a block of lasagna except made with slices of eggplant and cheese instead. The pasta underneath the baked eggplant was a simple spaghetti with marinara sauce. Both pasta dishes tasted fresh and delicious. The tiramisu was extremely soft and delicious. Each bite tasted sweet but not overly sweet. The tiramisu was an excellent ending to a delicious meal.

Overall, Maggiano’s serves up delicious authentic Italian dishes that are priced reasonably and consists of flavorful, fresh ingredients. Compared to other chain Italian restaurants like Buca, Macaroni Grill, and Olive Garden, Maggiano’s definitely tastes the best. If you are in the mood for Italian and you are in the Arden area, you should definitely give Maggiano’s a try. If you plan on visiting, go on their website and sign up for their e-club for a $10 off coupon.

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