Cafe Lasiab

563 Eleanor Ave

Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located in a fairly ghetto part of North Sacramento, Cafe Lasiab serves up various types of Hmong food typically found at Hmong New Year as well as boba drinks. Limited parking is available next to the strip mall. As you enter the restaurant, you will find a few dusty tables and a TV showing Hmong movies. As we entered, we were greeted by the server who went back behind the register to take our order. Varies food items were posted with pictures and prices near the register and a board behind the register listed the boba drinks.

Today, we decided to order the papaya salad, grilled pork chop belly with sticky rice, and grilled Hmong sausage with sticky rice. The papaya salad tasted good and had a great flavorful sauce. There was just enough spice when ordered with 3 peppers. The pork chop belly came with an ample amount of sticky rice and tasted good, but the skin was not crispy at all. Most of the meat was quite chewy. The Hmong sausage tasted OK, and also came with an ample amount of sticky rice. The sausage really didn’t taste that special and didn’t taste very fresh. I felt like I could of taken some frozen Hmong sausage and grilled it to taste the same. The supplied pepper for both the pork and the sausage tasted good and had a good amount of pepper, but was a bit watery.

Overall, Cafe Lasiab does serve up decent food, but was fairly underwhelming. With fairly high prices for both dishes, I do not see much value in driving all the way up here for Hmong food. Unfortunately, our dining experience was tainted by various flies flying around, which was quite bothersome. If I had a choice, I would not come back here again, but if you are really craving Hmong food and don’t feel like cooking it, Cafe Lisaib is an option.

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