Sushi Hook

807 Howe Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located on Howe Avenue between Arden Way and Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sushi Hook serves up various Japanese dishes including bento boxes and maki rolls. Like many other sushi restaurants, Sushi Hook offers its rolls at 50% off. However, Sushi Hook sets their regular prices fairly high to the point where the 50% off is negated. When we arrived, there were a few tables available and our group was quickly seated. The server took drink orders while we decided on what to order.

Since the sushi prices still seemed a bit high, I decided to order the dinner bento with chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, and salmon teriyaki. The large bento box arrived with plenty of meat, a salad, an egg roll, and a small bowl of rice. The salmon teriyaki was delicious and cooked properly. The teriyaki glaze complimented the grilled salmon. The beef teriyaki was tender and sliced very thin. The chicken teriyaki has hints of charred flavor and stayed tender. The accompanying salad was fairly basic, but was a good contrast to all the meat ordered. The egg roll was simple and only had vegetables inside. The small bowl of rice did not last very long, and servers never noticed our table to offer a refill.

Overall, Sushi Hook does cook up some good tasting food, but their sushi prices are a little high. Having only ordered the bento, I can only comment on the taste of the bento and not the sushi. The price of the bento is $15.95, which is quite reasonable considering the amount of great tasting food I received. Drink refills had to be requested as the servers did not really come check up on the table at all. Next time, I would probably try the rolls instead of the bento, but I would still recommend Sushi Hook for their bento as of now.

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