Fat Duck’s Pizza

7925 Bruceville Rd

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Having heard of Fat Duck’s Pizza before and passed it on multiple occasions in South Sacramento, we decided to give them a try considering that I also snagged a restaurant.com certificate for $5 to use there. We decided to order for pick up to enjoy the meal at home. When I called the restaurant, I was able to order quickly from the menu I found on their website, www.fatduckspizza.com. The phone conversation was kind of bland and not very welcoming, but business was done.

Today, we ordered the chicken wings, small garlic bread, and a medium 3-topping with pepperoni, sausage, and ham. Upon arrival, the initial employee did not know what to do with the certificate, so he had to call someone over from the back. The next employee was much more friendly and helped me finish my transaction. After getting home and looking over the food, we realized that we may have over-ordered a bit due to the size of the small garlic bread. The garlic bread was the size of a small pizza, but it did not have much garlic flavor at all. The garlic bread seemed more like simple pizza bread with some seasoning on it. The pizza had ample amounts of topping, but lacked enough sauce. Each bite tasted dry because the crust was so dense and thick. Additional sauce would have helped a bit to make the pizza less dry, but the crust was still way too dense. Each slice tasted more like cardboard and makes Little Caesars seem like gourmet pizza. The wings seemed like a great deal per wing, but after trying the wings, they tasted eerily like the foster farms buffalo wings you get from the freezer. Every wing tasted like disappointment.

Overall, we were not impressed with the variety of food we ordered from Fat Duck’s Pizza. Menu prices seem quite high overall for the qualify of food they offer. Even with a restaurant.com offer, the price still seemed too high. If you are feeling pizza and want to enjoy it, you are better off ordering elsewhere.

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