Harry’s Cafe

2026 16th St

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Located on a fairly easy to miss street corner on 16th Street, Harry’s Cafe serves up a variety of traditional American breakfast items along with Chinese and Hawaiian meals. When we arrived, there was only one table available inside and a few available outside. We were quickly greeted and seated to a table with the breakfast menu provided. We were asked for our drink orders and given time to make our menu selections. The restaurant seemed clean and had a variety of memorabilia on the walls. Only 3-5 staff members ran the front of the house including Harry himself.

Today, we decided to order the #43 Asian Fried Chicken with rice and eggs, #41 Fried Rice with egg, and #9 Two Pancakes. The Asian Fried Chicken was surprisingly crunchy and juicy. The country gravy was smothered over the crispy chicken filled with flavors of sausage and creaminess. The eggs were an excellent compliment cooked scrambled to the point of being extremely silky and soft. The eggs tasted freshly cracked and cooked. There was a bit too much green onion garnish all over the dish, but it did not detract too much from the meal. The fried rice looked great with the same soft egg on top and tasted very fresh overall. The rice was not too oily and had fresh BBQ pork. The entire dish tasted delicious and savory. The pancakes were amazing! I would of never thought that pancakes from a restaurant serving Asian food would taste this good. The outsides had a slight crunch or crispiness on them and each cut of pancake stayed together perfectly. The insides were not floury like at other breakfast restaurants and the overall batter provided additional sweetness. When topped with the provided soft butter and syrup, the dish was heavenly.

Overall, Harry’s Cafe serves up an interesting array of American and Asian breakfast items. With the quick service and variety of menu items, anyone should be able to find something they want to eat. After ordering, food arrives fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the prices tend to be a little high for items like the pancakes. $6 for 2 small pancakes just seems like too much for the slices of heaven. Location is also a bit of a hassle because you need to look for available street parking, which may set you back a few blocks before you can fill your empty stomach. Also, a lot of the curbs in the area are high, so be careful when opening doors. If you are looking for breakfast and can’t decide on Asian or American, then Harry’s Cafe will take care of you. If anything, you need to come here for the pancakes!

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