Fortune House Restaurant

1211 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located across from Target on Broadway, Fortune House serves up a variety of Chinese cuisine ranging from dim sum to seafood dinners. This was a morning trip, so dim sum was served. Parking can be a bit tough since limited parking is available on either side of the restaurant.

Today, I ordered the Har Gow, Sui Mai, Pork Ribs, BBQ Pork Cheung Fun, Shrimp Cheung Fun, and Chicken Sticky Rice. Fortune House really excelled in their Har Gow because the dumpling was filled with shrimp and tasted fresh. The Sui Mai was OK because it was hearty, but it had too much of a seafood flavor. The BBQ Pork Cheung Fun was delicious! Out of all of the dim sum restaurants I have been to, Fortune House has the best BBQ Pork Cheung fun because it is packed with tasty BBQ Pork. The Shrimp Cheung Fun was equally delicious, but was not as packed as the BBQ Pork. The Chicken Sticky Rice was interesting because it was wrapped in both wax paper and the leaf. I did not like the filling in the sticky rice as it was more traditional containing egg yolk and mushroom. Also, out of the 4 pieces ordered, a hair was inside one of them (found out in TO-GO).

Overall, Fortune House provides decent dim sum, but has inconsistent offerings. Compared to dim sum restaurants on Stockton Boulevard, Fortune House’s prices are higher by $0.25-0.75 per dish. Due to the lack of consistency, I would suggest getting your dim sum fix elsewhere. But, if you do come here, make sure you order the BBQ Pork Cheung Fun.


  1. Eww. Hair in dish?

  2. In the sticky rice thing

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