Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Brooklyn, NY

1 Front St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

In search of New York style pizza, we ended up at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria right over the Brooklyn bridge in Brooklyn, NY. With a sports bar-like vibe, the restaurant serves up a variety of pizza including calzones. After being seated, a server provided us with the menus and took our drink orders. Free Wi-Fi was provided to all customers.

After reviewing the menu, we decided to order a large pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, and meatballs. Although the crust was not thick, the crust itself was quite dense and hard. There was enough dough there to keep the pizza together, but was hard to eat once you got to the ends. Underneath the cheese, there was not enough sauce and the pizza felt a bit dry. The cheese and sauce themselves did taste very fresh. The sauce was bold, and the additional basil on the pizza added a refreshing flavor. The pepperoni and Italian Sausage were also very well seasoned and added additional layers of flavor to the pizza. The meatballs did not have a lot of flavor, but were soft and hearty.

Overall, Grimaldi’s serves up some pretty decent pizza, but the crust and amount of sauce could be improved. The rest of the pizza did taste delicious and service was on point for a pizza restaurant. Prices are a bit high considering it costs $3 per topping regardless if it was placed on half of the pizza or the whole pizza, but coming in at $23 for a large restaurant pizza is a decent price. If you wanted to try out a popular pizza joint in Brooklyn, then Grimaldi’s will be a great choice, but I do hear that there are some even better options once you head into downtown Brooklyn.

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