Junior’s Restaurant – New York, NY

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10019

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Right outside Times Square on Broadway, Junior’s serves up American fare and their prized cheesecake. As we entered the restaurant, a hostess greeted us, brought us to a table, and provided us with the menus. Soon, our server came over ans took our drink orders and answered any questions we had. The restaurant was fairly busy on the rainy day and barely any tables were available. After ordering, the server also brought over a dish of dill pickles and pickled vegetables. The pickles were extremely sour and so were the vegetables. I did not like the complimentary dish at all.

After reviewing the menu, we decided to order the chicken parmigiana and the original cheesecake. The chicken parmigiana was extremely cheesy with a large layer of cheese on top of the breading. Unfortunately, the breading was quite soggy and was not crispy at all. The chicken was fresh and steaming hot once you cut into it. Unfortunately, the tender chicken did not have much of any seasoning in it and just tasted bland. The marinara sauce that was spread over the chicken and the pasta was not bold enough and just tasted like light tomato sauce. The crusted chicken Romano at the Cheesecake Factory tastes a whole lot better than this dish. By the time we split up the entree and ate it, we became quite full. The slice of cheesecake then arrived. The slice was fairly generous in size. The cheesecake itself tasted mostly of thick cream cheese and was extremely creamy. The texture was quite hard to get used to especially after eating a large meal. The crust bottom is actually made of cake instead of graham cracker, which was different, but tasted good. After eating the cheesecake for a while, it was quite hard to finish.

Overall, Junior’s serves up various traditional American dishes along with some famous cheesecake. Unfortunately, the food was quite mediocre in terms of the entree and the cheesecake. We did receive amazing service from the server who constantly monitored his tables for drink refills and assistance. Prices seemed a bit high for the quality of food received, but that is about right for New York, especially on Broadway. If you just got out of a show or are waiting for one to start, you can have a meal here at Junior’s, but just don’t expect it to be amazing.

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