Hibachi Grill Sushi Supreme Buffet

7517 Watt Ave

North Highlands, CA 95660

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in a large shopping plaza with a Food Source, Hibachi Grill Sushi Supreme Buffet serves up rows and rows of Asian cuisine in a large dining room. As you enter the restaurant, you find the pricing list on the podium where you wait for an available hostess to seat you. At $12.99 per adult for dinner, the buffet is a great deal. Soon, we were quickly seated at a table near the buffet tables. After placing our order for water, we ventured across the many food choices.

With such a large selection, I am unable to list everything available. However, some of the tastiest food would be the hibachi chicken, hibachi beef, Thailand chicken, and steamed fish. Most of the other food was just OK. There was usually plenty of food available except for the crab legs and crayfish. Service is mediocre and we had to ask for water refills. For the price, I cannot really complain, but I did wish the food tasted better. If you want some Asian food but don’t know what to eat, you might find something to eat here for a great price.

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