HomeTown Buffet

4300 Florin Rd
Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

After seeing the AD on TV for HomeTown Buffet advertising a $9.99 limited time offer for dinner, I wanted to see what they had to offer. After a long hiatus from American buffets, this visit to HomeTown Buffet reminds me about why I took a break from American buffets. Although the discounted dinner price of $9.99 is better than the normal price of $10.99, the fact that you need to shell out an additional $2 for a drink negates the value in the meal.

The new options this buffet touts is in regards to the 1 inch steak on the grill and the Mongolian stir fry. The steak was OK at best since the cut of beef did not seem very tender or flavorful. The Mongolian stir fry is a bit of a joke as it lacks much of any flavor. The main redeeming factors of the visit include their delicious cheesy macaroni and cheese, their fried chicken, and their dinner rolls. I also liked how they served cherry and blue raspberry Icee as well.

Overall, HomeTown buffet may still be valuable to those with extremely large appetites, but I feel that the flavors tend to make you stop eating, or are overly salty, which induces you to drink more anyways. The value isn’t really there in the meal. Also, if you wanted some good Mongolian stir fry, you are better off visiting a Sizzling Fresh Mongolian BBQ restaurant. If you still want American buffet, you should probably head to one of the local Indian casinos or to Golden Corral (although Golden Corral still requires drinks to be paid for). If you are hungry, I suggest you eat elsewhere.

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