Hong Kong Islander – Part 2

5675 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

In comparison to their mediocre Dim Sum offerings, their dinner meals are actually fairly good. Today, dinner consisted of the $70 family meal which included over 7 dishes plus a seafood soup. Overall, this seemed like a good value.

First, the seafood soup was OK. It was a bit fishy and had a lot of the squishy stuff in it which I am not too fond of, but it did redeem itself by actually having real crap pieces inside. Next, the appetizer platter consisted of soy sauce chicken, roast duck, jellyfish, and pickled dikon radish. The portion size of the platter was OK. The soy sauce chicken and duck were good, but I did not try the jellyfish or dikon. Next, the honey walnut shrimp came. I found the shrimp to be a bit small, and the flavor of the glaze to be too sweet, sweeter than many other Chinese restaurants. The presentation of the dish was not spectacular since I’m used to seeing the shrimp on a bed of greens.

I did not try the green veggies or the other queen’s chicken dish this time. The vermicelli dish with lobster was really good in terms of the noodles. I am not a fan of lobster, but the noodles were spectacular. The picture I took of the noodles features the dish with my visiting cousin. Next, the beef, mushroom, and green bean dish was good. The beef was flavorful and tender. The fish was OK, but it was a bit undercooked in some places. It was quite boney, and I wished it was the deep fried fish instead. For desert, red bean soup and oranges were served.

Overall, Hong Kong Islander creates a value-filled dinner meal; however, their inconsistent meal offerings prevent me from truly recommending this restaurant. If you want a nice family style Chinese food dinner, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. My personal favorites include Regent Seafood Restaurant and Far East Cafe.


  1. The appetizer platter is quite small. Those things usually come on a bigger plate O_o;; You haven't tried the jellyfish! Omg, nom nom! They probably order smaller prawns because they're cheaper. As for the soup, I think they over-did the eggs and the corn starch (the squishy things), which is used to make the texture of the soup thicker. Sometimes if their cornstarch isn't thoroughly mixed, you get the squishy things.

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