The Izakaya

5651 Freeport Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

The Izakaya is my first attempt at a ramen house. The outside of the restaurant looks a lot better than its Jumbo Seafood Restaurant days. However, the interior still has the dinky old carpet. The rest of the restaurant has been changed including the tables, chairs, and decor.

Service was friendly, but definitely new to serving. Today, we ordered the Teppan Chicken Ramen, Beef Ramen, Golden California Roll, and the Pocket Roll. We came here with a 15% off bill coupon that we got in the neighborhood shopper. The Teppan Chicken Ramen was tasty, but needed some extra soy sauce to give it more flavor, but it was good nonetheless. The Beef Ramen also needed some extra flavor since it was a bit bland. The broth did taste really good though. I felt that the Beef Ramen had too much stuff in it though. The Golden California Roll was OK, but I felt it wasn’t crispy enough on the outside and lacked flavor. It was quite chewy. The Pocket Roll reminded me of the Howe at Arigato’s, but the Pocket Roll lacks much of the flavor in the Howe. The Pocket Roll has snow crab, shrimp tempura, avocado, and masago. The presentation of the sushi was really good, but the taste was lacking.

Overall, the Izakaya was OK, but not really worth a second visit. Unless you really like ramen, I would go get something else for lunch. Even with the 15% off coupon, I felt that the prices were a bit high for what you receive.

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