Ju Hachi – Part 2

1730 S St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With Groupon in hand, we decided to try out the sushi rolls at Ju Hachi. We were seated pretty quickly, but the rest of the service was not so smooth. The server took a while to bring the menus and water. Then, after reviewing the short menu, we had to wait a significant amount of time to just place the order. To top it off, it took even more time to get our order. We ordered 3 sushi rolls. It should not take 40 minutes to get our food when the restaurant was not even busy.

Today, we decided to order the Madona Roll, Sunrise Roll, and Tempura Roll. The size of the rolls were decent and plated well. Unfortunately, the rolls did not hold up well when picked up by chopsticks and started to break apart. All of the rolls tasted fresh in all aspects, but there was not a flavor. The rolls were bland and only tasted good when dipped into the wasabi soy sauce. The rolls tasted much better at Arigato and would be quite cheaper there too. Of the three rolls, the tempura toll tasted the best, but there was not that much of a flavor difference between the rolls.

Overall, given the opportunity to come back, I probably wouldn’t. The food here is expensive. With the horrid service and less than appealing prices and taste, there is little to like about this visit to Ju Hachi. If you want good tasting sushi at more appealing prices and better service, just head to Arigatos.

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