Spice Kitchen

1724 Broadway Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

With Groupon in hand, we decided to try out Spice Kitchen on Broadway. Considering there were not many customers, we received very good service. There is some parking in front of the restaurant and much more parking on the side of the restaurant.

Today, we decided to order the stuffed jalapenos, red tonkotsu ramen, and the 2-item bento box consisting of salmon teriyaki and mixed tempura. I liked how the stuffed jalapenos had a lot of tuna inside, and it tasted quite different than crab-stuffed jalapenos. They went well with the provided unagi sauce. The red tonkatsu ramen’s broth tasted ok, but there was not enough flavor and was not spicy enough. The ramen noodles itself tasted good and the meat was tender. The meal also came with Miso soup, but it was extremely sour and undesirable. The provided salad was good and fresh, but just came with standard ranch dressing. The salmon teriyaki was delicious and had a nice grilled taste. The tempura was crispy with an acceptable amount of batter, but was quite oily.

Overall, Spice Kitchen serves up a variety of dishes that come in decent quantities. Unfortunately, due to the inconsistencies in the meal, I would not say that Spice Kitchen is very good. Some high points included the salmon teriyaki and stuffed jalapenos, but overall, the meal was not worth the price without the Groupon. If you are looking for ramen, you are better off going to a ramen house. If Spice Kitchen offers another Groupon, it might be worth it if you just wanted to try something new, but don’t be too surprised if you are not satisfied.

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