Ka Hing Kitchen – Markham, ON

4300 Steeles Ave E

Markham, ON L3R, Canada

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located inside Pacific Mall right outside Toronto, ON, Ka Hing Kitchen sits in the “Gourmet food” area on the second floor of the plaza. After walking down the various aisles of random goods on the first floor, any food sounded good at this point. Having reviewed the largely displayed photo menu on the wall, we decided to order from the small shop.

Today, we ordered the shrimp & egg over rice and the BBQ Pork & Fried Chicken over rice. Each entree came with a complimentary cup of real fresh soy milk, which tastes different from the soy milk you get from American supermarkets. The shrimp & egg over rice came with large amounts of small shrimp and plenty of smooth scrambled egg over the rice. Unfortunately, even with so much shrimp and egg, there was no flavor at all. I felt like the dish was not salted at all. For the first time ever, I had to add soy sauce to the dish to make it more palatable. With the soy sauce, the dish tasted OK, but I felt like I was just eating shrimp with soy sauce. The BBQ Pork & Fried Chicken tasted much better. The BBQ Pork was lean and flavorful and the fried chicken had crispy skin and was tender. Both dishes arrived piping hot and tasted fresh.

Overall, the food is quite mediocre, and one dish lacked any flavor whatsoever. It was nice to have some soy milk with the meal, but that does not overcome the food quality. The prices are quite low for the amount of food you actually get. However, if you end up at Pacific Mall, you will find other food stalls throughout the floor that will probably make better tasting food.

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