Duff’s Famous Wings – Deprew, NY

550 Dick Rd

Depew, NY 14043

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

As one of the biggest names in buffalo wings in Buffalo New York, Duff’s Famous Wings serves up those famous wings in various sauces. Unlike their main competitor, The Anchor Bar, Duff’s does not claim to be the original buffalo wing. Located a few miles from the Buffalo Niagara Airport, Duff’s Famous Wings provides ample seating with various televisions broadcasting the latest sports. After seating ourselves at a table, a server came by to take our order.

Today, we decided to order Duff’s daily special, which included 20 wings, large fries, small pitcher of soda, celery, carrots, and Duff’s bleu cheese. Since we wanted to try out more sauces, we ordered an additional 10 wings to end up with 30 wings. We tried out three sauces: hot, medium, and spicy BBQ. The wings themselves were very fresh and steaming hot. Most wings were of decent size and some wings were fairly large. The meat was also tender and juicy. Since Duff’s wrote on their menu that hot was very very hot and medium was hot, we had high expectations of the spice level. The hot wings were fairly spicy, but had way too much vinegar taste. The medium wings really did just taste medium and not hot at all. I did like how the medium did not have as much of a vinegar taste. The spicy BBQ was not spicy at all. You can really only taste the BBQ sauce. The meal came with a large bowl of fresh fries that was fairly impossible to finish considering the number of wings ordered.

Overall, Duff’s Famous Wings serves up high quality fresh wings at decent prices. If you are a person who can take heat, do not be deterred from ordering at spice levels of hot or higher since you should not believe their advertising about how hot their hot sauce is. Service was pretty good and the waitress came by every so often to see how we were doing. If you are in the Buffalo area and want to try their wings, then Duff’s Famous Wings would be a good choice.

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