Chao Phra Ya – Hendron, VA

2465 Centreville Rd J1

Herndon, VA 20171

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In search of some Asian food near Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia, we ended up at Chao Phra Ya in Hendron, VA. Chao Phra Ya shares its parking inside the very busy shopping center, so we ended up parking fairly far. As we entered the quiet restaurant, we noticed that there were a few other people eating at the restaurant. We were quickly seated by by the server and were provided with menus while taking our drink order. The menu is printed in an innovative laminated newspaper format.

Today, we decided to order the Tom Yum soup, stuffed chicken wings, chicken larb, red curry with pork, and panang curry with chicken. The tom Yum soup tasted fresh and was quite sour and lemony. The small soup also included many chunks of fresh tender chicken breast meat. The stuffed chicken wings tasted extremely fresh and each piece had crispy skin. The filling is different here because they do not use noodles at all but do include crab meat, shrimp, and mushrooms. Without the noodle, the stuffed chicken wings tasted extremely meaty but went well with the sweet and sour sauce. The chicken larb came quite spicy since we ordered it hot. Like the other dishes so far, the larb was very fresh, did not have too much juice, and came with lean meat. Although the larb tasted very good, we noticed that there was not a lot of rice powder used. The red curry with pork was quite sweet and creamy with a hint of spice. The curry was fresh, but did not seem to have a lot of meat and had too many bamboo shoots. The panang curry with chicken was actually spicier than the red curry and also tasted fresh. This curry was much sweeter than the red curry and contained a lot of chicken. Both curries tasted amazing when served with rice.

Overall, Chao Phra Ya serves up delicious tasting Thai food that is fairly authentic. Prices are a bit higher than what you would expect in California, but they are reasonable for the portions received. Service was consistent and the waiter continuously refilled our water glasses. If you are in the Dulles area and are looking for Thai food, Chao Phra Ya will satisfy your cravings.

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