Woorijip Korean Restaurant – New York, NY

12 W 32nd St

New York, NY 10001

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the heart of Koreatown in New York City, Woorijip serves up various popular Korean dishes in various forms. When we arrived, the lunch buffet was still being served. A dinner buffet is also available. Looking past the buffet table, you will find various prepackaged Korean favorites in individual containers at affordable prices. A microwave is available at the front of the restaurant in case your food is cold. When we entered, almost every table was occupied.

While going through the buffet line, we picked up the kimchi pancake, kimchi, kimchi fried rice, ja jang myun, japchae, house fried rice with shrimp and beef, and sauteed pork. We also ordered a package of kimbap with beef. The kimchi pancake was a bit soggy, but tasted good. The kimchi was good, but you taste too much thick pepper paste. The kimchi fried rice also contained peas and corn. The rice had a perfect amount of spice and kimchi. I liked how there was a good balance of rice to kimchi. The ja jang myun actually has flavor and was not just saucy. The noodles would have been better if more meat was included. The japchae tasted good and had flavor, but had too many vegetables. The house fried rice with shrimp and beef was flavorful and simple. This fried rice also included egg and went well with many of the above dishes. The sauteed pork was extremely juicy and flavorful, but had too many onions. The kimbap had fresh seasoned beef inside and tasted delicious.

Overall, Woorijip serves up a large variety of popular Korean dishes at very affordable prices. Today’s lunch buffet only came in at $3.99 per pound. Given another opportunity, I would like to revisit this location to try out more of the prepackaged food or come back for the dinner buffet to see what else is offered. If you like Korean food and are in New York, you cannot leave without trying Woorijip.

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