Krush Burger – Part 2

700 N 10th St

Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Instead of searching for their food truck, I got to try out Krush Burger’s new restaurant located at the side of the California State Lottery building. There is a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating available. Krush Burger serves up a variety of fancy burgers in slider form with sides, drinks, and milkshakes.

Today, I ordered the Ninja and the Cowbell with sweet potato tots. The ninja had delicious sliced marinated beef with the sriracha aioli that had that kick of spice. The marinade did make the beef a bit over-salty though. The cowbell tasted delicious with the chunk of meat with onion straws and BBQ sauce. The meat was tender and the burger was delicious. The sweet potato tots were a bit small and the inside were mushy, but they went well with the provided sauce that had some kick in it. I liked how the location offered Coca Cola Freestyle machines so you will have plenty of drink options to choose from.

Overall, Krush Burger still serves up delicious sliders even at their restaurant location. Buzzers alert you when your order is ready and food is served in paper trays on metal trays. If you haven’t tried out Krush Burger and are unable to find their food truck, head over to their restaurant location near Richards Blvd and enjoy their sliders. For a filling meal, order at least 2 sliders and a side or just 3 sliders, you will enjoy them.

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