Red Hawk Casino – High Limit Bar

1 Red Hawk Pkwy

Placerville, CA 95667

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Hidden inside the high limit area, the bar serves up a variety of dishes for anyone’s tastes. All you really need to do is go up to the bar and ask for a menu. Prices are moderate considering you are in high limit. There are a couple of tables near the bar if you preferred to eat there.

Today, we ordered the beef pho and burger with sweet potato fries. My mom ordered the sushi, which looked good and was said to taste good. The beef pho had a small portion size and did not have the array of toppings that you would find in a pho restaurant. Unfortunately, the meat in the pho was also chewy. The burger had a thick patty that tasted really fresh and the meat tasted high quality. The sweet potato fries were cooked well and had a slight crisp. All of the food arrived fresh at the table and was of good temperature.

Overall, the high limit bar serves up some classy food, but the quality was not up to high limit standards. The highlight of the meal was the burger, so that definitely would be a good choice here. If you wanted to eat here, you might want to play some video poker at the bar or elsewhere in the high limit area so that the bartender doesn’t look at you funny. Although, given another opportunity, I probably would not dine here again.

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