Rosati’s – Roseville

5140 Foothills Blvd Ste 110

Roseville, CA 95747

Rating: ★★★★★ 

In search for Chicago style deep dish pizza, we ended up heading to Roseville for Rosati’s tucked away in a small shopping center in the center of Roseville. You might actually miss the plaza unless you’re looking for the Dollar Tree next door. Upon entering the restaurant, we were promptly greeted by the server behind the counter who also took our order. At this restaurant, you order your pizza and drinks at the counter before heading to your table. Rosati’s serves up a variety of different pizzas including Chicago style pizzas.

Today, we ordered the jalapeno poppers and a small Chicago deep dish pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. The jalapeno poppers came first, piping hot. The peppers went well with the ranch and had a lot of cream cheese stuffing. A little later, the server brought over the sliced pizza and placed a slice in each of our plates. The small-sized pizza was definitely enough for the both of us and we even had a ton of leftovers. The cheese and fixings were oozing from each slice and the tomato sauce tasted fresh with its chunks of tomato in every bite. The pepperoni and Italian sausage was plentiful and apparent in every bite. Since the slices were so big, I was only able to eat two slices.

Overall, the food tasted great and the service was excellent. If you are looking for some deep dish pizza, then Rosati’s will not disappoint. Matched up with great service and plenty of seating, a short drive to Roseville will liven up your taste buds. Although it’s pizza, this Chicago style deep dish pizza tasted healthy and delicious.

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